A Healthy Marriage and Successful Business!

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  • You want to build a thriving business!

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Tired of the "business vs. marriage" tug-of-war?

Want to build a thriving business with your spouse and still have fun?

Say hello to THE MARRIAGE AND BUSINESS SURVIVAL GUIDE: your roadmap to a fulfilling partnership and a rockstar company.

Forget about the "perfect entrepreneur family" myth. This book is real talk from Rickeyta Starks, a Leadership Development Specialist, who built a seven-figure agency with her husband, Anthony. She shares the battle-tested secrets that separate successful spouse-preneurs from the rest, helping you avoid those painful "should-have-known" moments.

Inside, you'll discover:

-The "Mental Blueprint" for a harmonious business-marriage: Align your goals, define your roles, and ditch the confusion.

-Hacking Communication: Learn the language of love and teamwork, even in the face of deadlines and meltdowns.

-Time Management Mastery: Juggle your business, your relationship, and your sanity without sacrificing your well-being.

-Building a Business that Serves Your Life: Design your company to support your dream lifestyle, not the other way around.

-Bonus! Real-life examples, actionable strategies, and tons of practical advice.

No more choosing between your business and your marriage.

THE MARRIAGE AND BUSINESS SURVIVAL GUIDE is your ticket to having it all.

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